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BURL Productions is the first production company to specialize in faster paced Fly-Fishing entertainment.  From our grass roots start as guides filming each other on our days off, to our latest feature film, SOULFISH, Burl has maintained solid roots in the fly-fishing industry.

Our goal is to Educate, Entertain and Inspire. Burl started as a seed of an idea and has now blossomed into one of the most progressive Fly Fishing video production companies in the Business. Burl Productions is committed to bringing Fisherman the very best in Fly-Fishing entertainment. From the roots of local fishing, to the most exotic locations. Burl is all about taking it a little further and sharing the expierence.

Burl Productions was founded in 2000 by Professional Snowboarder and Fly Fishing Guide, Michael “Mikey” Wier.  Wier comes from a background in the Snowboard Industry and has brought that same action oriented approach of film making to the world of Fly-Fishing.  Wier has himself been featured in several ski, skateboarding and snowboarding videos.  Through these experiences, Wier has developed a good eye for Cinematography.  Wier has also been featured in such magazines as Men’s Journal, Transworld Snow, Snowboarder, Ski Magazine, Concussion, Fly Fisherman, Northwest Fly Fishing, Fly Rod & Reel, Fish & Fly, The Drake, National Geographic Adventure and many others.  Wier is on the Pro Staff for Scientific Anglers and still does endorsements for both Snowboarding and Fishing Companies including; Patagonia, Vans, Lib-Tech, Oakley, Quiksilver, Kirkwood and Heavenly Ski Resorts.  Wier brings allot of creativity and passion into his work and is committed to continuing Burl Productions well into the future.

Burl Productions is operated completely by Fly-Fisherman and is committed to providing quality entertainment.  The people at Burl Productions all fish and know what fishermen like to see.  We pride ourselves on capturing the images other fly-fishing production companies simply can not.  We are willing to go the extra mile to get top quality shots.  If that means staying on the water long hours, traveling long distances and enduring strenuous situations, so be it.  We try to get the “Takes”, the best “Fight” scenes and the most creative angles.  All our videos have a strong focus on catch and release and conservation of the fisheries.  One of our main goals is to show people what is out there and what is possible at the highest level of this sport.  We hope people will see these places and realize how precious these wild and natural treasures are.  Our hope is that other conservation minded people will want to visit these places and in effect want to protect them for future generations.  The people at Burl Productions all love what they do and love the outdoors.  

Our goal is to make videos that people will want to watch over and over again.  The problem with many fishing videos out there is, once people pick up the technique they are trying to portray, the video becomes non-valuable to the viewer.  Our aim is to mix fishing with fun and popular music and art in a way that will keep peoples attention throughout the entire video and leave them wanting to watch it again when it has just ended.